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Butterfly Sweets is now located in the Denver area and no longer taking orders for Dallas.


Peony Wedding Cake

Black and White Damask Wedding Cake with Yellow Anemones

Tiffany Box Wedding Cake

The Corpse Bride Wedding Cake

Rose and Hydrangea Cake

Turquoise Swirl Wedding Cake

Pink and Green Scroll Work Cake

Cherry Blossom Wedding Cake

White Fondant Wedding Cake with Black Scroll Work


Bleedin' Armadillo Groom's Cake:  Inspired by Steel Magnolias, the inside is Red Velvet Cake.



Wedding Cakes

Cinderella's Wedding Cake

Cherry Blossom Wedding Cake

White Wedding Cake:  


Turquoise Wedding Cake 

Rose Tower Wedding Cake

Polka Dot Wedding Cake

White Wedding Cake with Red Bows

Blue Hydrangea Wedding Cake

Marine Corps Grooms Cake


Whimsical Birthday and Novelty Cakes

Butterfly Cake:  3 tiers of pale green fondant, with watermelon pink, sherbet green, pale pink and orange polka dots.  Hand sculpted and painted butterflies in various sizes.

Ducky Cake:  4 hot pink and yellow tiers, with fondant ducks and wired flowers.  A feather boa sets off the cake board.

French Hat Box Cake

Winnie The Pooh Birthday Cake

Nate's Orange Belt Cake

Partridge Cake

Cupcake Cake

Primary Color Cupcake Cake:  This client wanted the cupcake, but to match the colors of her party.

One Tiered Cupcake Cake:  All cakes can be made to your size and color specifications.

Zoo Animal Cake:  Made for a little girl's birthday party at the zoo.

Avery's First Birthday Zoo Cake:  In bright, vibrant colors, with a bow added for a girly touch.

Barnyard Cake:  2 tiered cake with cow and bandana prints.  Fondant sheep, pigs, cows, chickens and baby chicks.

Pony Cake

Whitney's 2nd Birthday

Turquoise Cake with Flowers and Butterflies

Sweet 16 Topsy Turvy Zebra Print Cake

Baby Shower Cake with Scroll Work:  Chocolate and pink gumpaste bows, and royal icing scroll work.

Neatherly's Cake:  Inspired by the invitation.

  Girlie First Birthday Cake

Chocolate Polka Dots with Pink Bows

Wall-E Cake:  This was for my daughter's 3rd birthday!

Pastel Baby Shower

Pirate Cake:  This is a cake I made for my son's 4th birthday!  

4th of July Birthday Cake

30th Birthday Cake


Two Tiered Topsy-Turvy Gerber Daisy Cake:  Hand sculpted Gerber daisies.

First Communion Cake:  3 tiers pink and with fondant.  Gumpaste roses and a Swiss Dot cross


Nathaniel's First Birthday

Blue Monogrammed Baby Shower Cake

Gingerbread Love: Gingerbread cake, with hand sculpted gingerbread men and bow.  Dusted with sparkled dust for a special shimmer.

Nate's Spiderman 5th Birthday


Harry Potter Cake:  2 Hogwart's text books painted and then dusted with real gold.  A golden "snitch" sits on the tops, and a bag of "Bertie Bott's Beans" is on the cake board.

Gift Box Cake with Scroll Work

Cartoon Giraffe Cake

1 Tiered Zebra Cake

Sophia's Christening

Fairy Princess Cake:  A hand sculpted fairy princess sits atop a pink fondant cake, decorated with fondant flowers.

Kitty Cat Cake

Les Printemps Cake:  This cake features sculpted butterflies, dragonflies and lady bugs for a spring time girl's birthday.

Marissa's First Birthday Cake:  Pink cake with white stars.  Pink wired stars floating above the one, and a matching smash cake.

Fondant Zoo Animals


Fondant Cowboy and Horse

Mermaid Fondant Figure

Over The Top First Birthday:  4 tiers of brightly colored fondant, in pink, green, orange and turquoise.  Wired butterflies and flowers, and cascading daisies for extra details.

Princess Cake: 4-tiered cake, adorned with hand made sugar pearls and candy jewels complete with a sculpted tiara.

2 Tiered Gift Box Cake

Hot Chocolate Birthday Cake

Brynlie's 2nd Birthday

Charlotte's Little Mermaid Cake


Matching Individual Cake and Cupcake Cookies

Avery's Cupcake Cake:  A customized cupcake cake, made to match the invitations for a 1st birthday.  There is a fondant candle on the top, instead of the 1 and cherry.


Matching Cupcake Cookies, Gift wrapped

Girly Zoo Animal Cake:  Made in pastel colors.

1 tiered Zoo Animal Cake:  All cakes can be sized down to meet your individual needs.

Cowboy Cake:  2 tiers fondant, both done in a bandanna print.  A cowboy riding the horse is on the top.

Luau Cake

Charlotte's Bedding:  Based off the patterns of a bedroom

Award Winning Mermaid Princess Cake

Girly Zebra 1st Birthday Cake

Pink and Brown Baby Shower Cake:  A sophisticated cake, with chocolate and pink fondant

Soccer Cake:  A giant soccer ball sits atop an adorable 2 tiered cake.

Alexa's 8th Birthday Cake

Sophie's Cake:  A 3 tiered cake, custom made to match the party invitations.

Raggedy Ann Cake:  A cake sculpture that stands on it's own two feet!

Ladybug Cake

Fabulous At 50!

Indian Birthday Cake:  3 tiers-one hexagon, one petal, and one round.  Decorated with real gold, and a gumpaste Indian girl on top.

Girly Dinosaur Cake

Ebby's 2nd Birthday:  Bright colors with lots of soft pink and fondant figures.

Circus Cake

Lazy Daisy Days of Summer Cake:  Yellow and lime green fondant decorated with daisies and an orange bow.



Pink Monogrammed Baby Shower Cake

Halloween Cake

Disco Cake


Little Mermaid Cake:  Buttercream cake with gum paste shells, and handmade pearls.

Puppy Cake

1 Tiered version of Over The Top Birthday Cake

Purple Monkeys Birthday Cake

Abigail Bo Peep

Little Boy 1st Birthday:  1 tiered fondant cake, done in blue and pale green.

Sushi Cake:  Blink twice-this is all made from sugar!  California rolls, wasabi, tuna and salmon on shredded daikon.  This cake rests on two legs, to make it resemble a table, and is placed on a hand painted Japanese textile mat.


Jessy’s Cake: Pink, violet and green fondant ca


Charlotte’s Dress: Fondant cake with red and blue flowers to replicate a beautiful baby dress


Fondant Indian Girl

Halloween Fondant Figures


Special Occasions

Grandma Lu's Hydrangea Cake: 75th birthday cake with white hydrangeas and green leaves

Baby Emma’s Cake: A baby shower cake made to look like a pink gift. We also provided food for the shower.


Bridal Shower Cake:  A Bride holding a rose bouquet sits atop a fondant cake made to look like a rose garden.


Graduation Cake:  Made for a graduate from UTD, with the school colors.  Hand sculpted graduate, books and diploma.  Cake made to look like graduation hat.


Eagle Scout Cake:  3 tiered white fondant with the Boy Scout Law scrolled around each tier.  Topped with a hand painted replica of the Eagle Scout Badge.

60th Anniversary Cake:  2 tiered cake, dusted with real gold for shimmer.  Champagne colored scroll work and 30 gold-dusted ivory gum paste roses.

Dora Castle Cake

Fall Harvest:  A Basket made from fondant filled with hand painted Autumn leaves, and hand sculpted applies.

Girly Cartoon Mouse Cake

Cartoon Mouse Cake



Dora Castle Cake Details:  Walls with a brick imprint, towers made from fondant, and topped with roofs that are covered in sparkling sugar.  Green vines are piped in royal icing, and adorned with pink roses.  Wired butterflies fly over the turrets.  A hand sculpted sleeping dragon "guards" the castle while resting on a drawbridge door

Purse Cake:  This cake was sculpted to look just like a little purse!  Hand painted stripes and monogrammed H, and hand sculpted flower.  Closer details show stitching on the seams and the handle, as well as a ruffle around the purse's flap.

Monroe's Monkey Cake:  A monkey on the top tier, with chocolate cupcakes and yellow fondant bananas on the following 2 tiers.



Butterfly Sweets Butterfly Cupcakes: Lavender and pink vanilla Buttercream cupcakes topped with yellow royal icing butterflies.

Rubber Ducky Cupcakes:  A yellow rubber ducky replica, perfect for a baby shower!


Smash Cupcakes

Scary Party Cupcakes: Bright green monster cupcakes decorated with vanilla Buttercream and candy accents.


Flip Flop Cupcakes:  Flip flops placed atop brown sugar covered banana cupcakes to resemble shoes on a beach...



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